Blandine Lamberton

Project manager, Inspire DMC

Tell us what motivates you every day on your way to the agency
My greatest motivation is promoting Scotland to our customers, valuing the country through the programmes and experiences we create specifically for them.
There is also of course the pleasure of meeting the team in the office and working together to build the projects for our clients. I also really appreciate the daily exchanges with our partners; discussing ongoing projects, working in tandem on new ideas. But I also enjoy simply hearing their news, because over time, we have forged very special ties with many of them and they are part of our daily lives.
Lastly, there is also the pleasure and challenge when I call one of our clients to submit for their scrutiny the programme into which we have put all our energy and heart, and to point out the smallest details in order to convince them that our programme has been specifically designed for their requirements.

What is your area of expertise about Scotland?
Above all else, it was my passion for Scotland that led me to work in this field. I love this country, which is really my adopted home, even though when I first came here seven years ago, I had no plans to settle here. Scotland stole my heart right from the outset. Having lived with a Scottish family for a year, I was immediately immersed in the heart of Scottish culture, mentality, and their very particular way of doing things. So, over and above the country itself, this allows me to promote a genuine experience of exchange and of authentic sharing with locals.
I also quickly realised that it was a destination with great character, something that appeals to all profiles. For example, the Trossachs region, which I know very well: mountains, lochs, incredible landscapes, small cafes and hidden places close to Edinburgh: a region with so much to offer, one that I particularly enjoy highlighting in our programmes.

How do you live your passion for Scotland on a daily basis?
As soon as I get a chance, I take the train somewhere. In just an hour, you can already be in a different part of the country, where you can discover a new landscape, a new city. There is always something new to find. Scotland is an inexhaustible destination, full of treasures, some of which are hidden.
We are also lucky in Scotland to have such easy access to art and culture. Edinburgh and Glasgow, of course, are full of extraordinary museums, but there are also many smaller, less well-known museums all over Scotland, where you can constantly learn about the country.
On a daily basis, it's also the pleasure of being part of a country where culture is very community-oriented: the charity shops, the idea of donating and upcycling – the whole culture of giving new life to objects and clothes – all of that is very important to me. It is also an additional indication of the solidarity of the Scots, who put human beings at the centre, including in commerce, and make great efforts to promote their local craftsmen.

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