Charlotte Sommer

Manager Générale Passionnée, Inspire DMC

Tell us what motivates you every day on your way to the agency?
While we are just a short distance from most of Europe, we are lucky to live in a country with a very strong identity, meaning our clients get to enjoy a truly Scottish discovery by stepping into the culture. I love creating programmes for our guests to experience the destination and to understand the strong heritage. A few days in Scotland are a total change of scene.
Our job opens doors that we didn’t know could be opened and we get to organise events in absolutely unique locations. The Scottish friendliness means we are always supported in creating more exciting and experiential programmes by working with an amazing network of professionals who are all passionate about showcasing the destination.

What is your area of expertise about Scotland?
From my experiences, I have had the chance to work in beautiful venues and love the flexibility of them all to go from a day activity to a sumptuous gala dinner. While some venues are used more often than others, they never look the same. I love seeing people’s reaction once they get to their gala dinner and get to hear the first whirl of a bagpipe or discover the stunning landscapes they get to experience.
Having worked in tourism in Scotland for my whole career, I have had the privilege to organise some beautiful and unexpected events and believe that Scotland has something for everyone.

How do you live out your passion for Scotland on a daily basis?
From a personal point of view, I love the Scottish outdoors and regularly explore the countryside, seafront and hills located nearby. I am lucky to live in Edinburgh where there is a vibrant restaurant scene, a lot of cultural events, all the advantages of a capital city but within easy reach.

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