Quentin Gall

Passionate director, Inspire DMC

Tell us what motivates you every day on your way to the agency
What I love about my job is sharing my passion for Scotland with enthusiasts. We work collaboratively around this common passion, through the exchange of ideas and knowledge, which makes everyday life rich. I like the idea that we bring a new approach to our business and our destination that corresponds to the real expectations of our customers.
We set ourselves challenges and we create or discover something new about Scotland every day. We never just choose the easy option, and that makes it very stimulating.
Finally, I attach particular importance to the types of relationships we have. We are not in something ephemeral, we work with each of our clients and partners with a long-term vision, in relationships that will last for years. For me, it's essential that we develop a common way of working, a mutual understanding and a relationship of trust.

What is your area of expertise about Scotland?
I draw much of my expertise from experience. I have been travelling around Scotland for nearly seven years, both personally and professionally. It is an extremely rich destination, and each of our personal discoveries contributes to our projects, facilitating the creation of unique and tailor-made programmes. And we make it a point of honour to do so.
Our practice of building tailor-made projects means that each of them contributes to improving our expertise, allows us to draw on our experience, and to go ever further in our search for perfection and detail, which is at the heart of our business.
Each of our successes also reinforces our way of working and our understanding of our clients' expectations, because over and above our expertise in destination management, it is essential that our professionalism be recognised.

How do you live out your passion for Scotland on a daily basis?
It is precisely through my daily life that I live out my passion for Scotland: in reading a magazine, watching a report or a film, testing a recipe, or going to my local fishmonger. To live Scotland from day to day, in the simple things of life, is to go deep into the identity of this country.
Another particularity of our profession is that it allows us to open doors that we would not normally have access to, which is an extraordinary opportunity.
Life here is a breath of fresh air for me. Whether it's an hour's stroll on Arthur's seat in Edinburgh, or a weekend - or maybe even a week - in the heart of Glencoe, there's always that feeling of recharging your batteries, of getting away from it all. It's an inspiring, rejuvenating destination. An essential experience for me about living in Scotland is to take one of the many ferries for an island adventure, to leave behind our frustrations and the stress of everyday life and to be carried away by wonder and adventure.

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