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For each request, we create a tailor-made programme that meets all aspects of the brief. The addition or creation of new experiences always make the project unique.

Creative seminar

Summary of the brief:
An international marketing company decides to entertain 20 EMEA managers and search for an “out of the beaten tracks” location for their annual seminar. The emphasis is on surprises as they have already travelled all over the world and operate professionally in a particularly prolific field. Ireland is chosen over several destinations for the diversity of the program offered.

DAY 1: Arrival in Dublin

Our 20 guests land at Dublin Airport and are greeted by a piper who leads them to a vintage double-decker bus specially equipped with a microphone and sound system for a first guided tour of the city . The journey is punctuated by a stop at a local pub for a tasting of fine whiskey and a light introduction to the world of Irish spirits. They then board a second vehicle and drive to their carefully selected accommodation, an unusual collection of historic pink stone buildings, in an idyllic rural setting, nestled near the borders of the Wicklow Mountains. Their evening takes place on the site in a cottage , with a meal enhanced with herbs locally grown, while being entertained by a talented group of musicians.

DAY 2: In the land of the Masters of Horses

Participants are today invited to meet Michael, a very serious, very busy but very affable man, within his magnificent Irish thoroughbred stud farm. Here the "gentleman farmer" carefully supervises a hundred carefully selected racehorses, all owned by individuals living in the 4 corners of the planet, and all brought to compete on the most prestigious racecourses in the world. Guests can attend the training of champions and discover with wonder some anecdotes from the very closed world of horse breeding. They then travel to a remote part of County Kildare where they are treated to a feast under a canopy in a small farmyard, producing its own range of tea and apricot beer. The eccentric farmer even gives them the keys oh his old jaguar car for a spin around the premises. Time to gear up for a fishing experience at a nearby property, producing Christmas trees.
To properly end the day, a private suite has been arranged for the group at a racecourse in the Leinster region, on which some of the horses encountered earlier will demonstrate their qualities at one of the major horse racing events of the year. Professional experts share their advice on the potential winner of each race. A small contest held between the tables sees one of our guests win a small prize for his savvy bet.

DAY 3: My life in a Castle

The day begins with a surprise for attendees who discover a column of Rolls Royces and Bentleys dating as far back as 1937, carefully positioned along the hotel grounds. A short stroll through neighbouring County Kildare and the famous Leixlip Castle welcomes our guests for a tour of the house followed by a very private tasting of several variations of the famous Guinness 'stout' in the family's own kitchen, under the advice of a professional, specially appointed for the occasion. The former coach house, complete with old wooden benches salvaged from a disused cathedral, is then open for a bespoke Guinness-flavoured menu prepared by Peter, a talented chef and Wicklow publican.
It's time to head to suburban Dublin where players of Gaelic sports will teach the basics of the Celtic game of hurling and Gaelic football, before a hurley maker demonstrates his skills in making the hurleys, sticks made of ash wood and used to play this millennial Irish ball game.
Return to the hotel and everyone prepares to attend a very private reception at Malahide Castle, where a bespoke haunted dinner has been designed for our attendees, to the sound of the famous Irish bagpipes. A final trip to the city center where a few late cocktails were held before the band wrapped up the evening on a dance floor.

DAY 4: Depart Dublin Airport

Rugby Experience

Summary of the brief:
An agent wishing to break the mold sets out to offer an original rugby experience to his clients. Most of them have already travelled and visited several times the cities hosting the 6 Nations Tournament for their national team game and are fond of novelty. An opportunity arises with the arrival of the famous All Black team from New Zealand in Dublin for a friendly game against the Boys in Green team, but nevertheless promising total commitment.

DAY 1: Arrival in Dublin

The group of 70 people after landing at Dublin Airport is transferred to an old 4-star hotel institution in Dublin, whose very central location ensures easy travel. As soon as they arrive, a welcome reception awaits them on the 3rd floor of a local pub semi-privatized for the occasion. It's time to ponder the quality of the respective forces and a former key player from the Province of Munster, selected multiple times for the national team, engages in an exchange with the participants, offering an uncompromising vision of the chances of the host team against the ogre kiwi. A few rounds of drinks punctuate the discussion and the group travels on foot to dine upstairs in a famous restaurant established in a converted church.

DAY 2: The Match

A program of their choice had been suggested to participants who, unsurprisingly, favoured a visit at a local whiskey distillery with triple tasting, and that of the famous Guinness Storehouse. Both group reconnect upstairs at a Gaelic sports club for a barbecue lunch, followed by a demonstration of "Irish coffee“ making, and preceding a demonstration of the game of hurling by the young members of this group. It is already time to leave as the rugby game will not wait! It is in a white-hot AVIVA stadium that our guests, wearing green beanies, find themselves surrounded by a cloud of green flags and jerseys, the whole country pushing behind its players, who win the competition in a game that will be stay in everyone memory. The evening ends in a private room a few hundred meters from the stadium, with a meal during which everyone recounts their impressions and the resulting emotions. Late night in downtown pubs.

DAY 3: The Other Game

The group travels to a local rugby club, in which a friendly match of tag rugby has been organized with locals. the anthems are played, and the game is on, with the "visitors" proudly displaying their specially flocked jerseys. The 3rd half takes place in a pub near the field during a lively meal, before returning to Dublin airport.

Low carbon consumption stay

Summary of the brief:
A company acting in the energy sector has decided to offer its 60 employees a program promoting local interactions in connection with an eco-responsible and CSR approach. If the Irish societal culture is inherently based on solidarity, the territory is mainly a land with high agricultural production whose activity has had an long and devastating impact on the Irish forest, the management of which is currently undergoing profound change.

DAY 1: Arrival at Dublin Airport

The group is immediately dropped off in the heart of the city, while the luggage is sent directly to the hotel, the choice of which is not a coincidence. The premises have a partial capacity for self-production of electricity by exploiting an underground river, reducing its network consumption and therefore its impact on the environment. The meal is provided in a restaurant whose origin of the dishes is almost exclusively local and reflects Irish culinary know-how. Prior to the arrival of the group, contacts were made with a local community organization providing the equipment that will allow the members of the group, organized into teams, to criss-cross the streets of a popular district of the city and ensure meticulous cleaning. The fruit of the harvest is then weighed, and a sum of money corresponding to each kilo of recovered waste is donated to a charitable organization in the district.
The evening sees the group at a Dublin Greyhound racetrack, beginning with a visit to a greyhound racing trainer, discussing animal welfare through the protection program and retirement of these racing champions. As a solid meal is served to the guests, one of the races is sponsored by the company, and the coach of the winning dog is awarded a trophy by the members of the board of directors.

DAY 2: Wicklow “The Garden of Ireland"

After a solid Irish breakfast, the group leaves the centre of Dublin for the Wicklows Mountains. Use of the DART which travels along the Irish coast and picking up the group on Greystones for a short presentation of the country's energy policy along its capacity in term of wind power and visit to a recent onshore windfarm site.
Arrival on a Wicklow farm at the heart of which a reasoned approach has been in place for a long time. The group is welcomed with a snack of homemade scones, before a presentation of the farm and its high-quality dairy production. an entirely homemade meal based on selected local products is served before a series of playful and typical games is played. The day continues with a visit to the reforestation project started by the family many years ago, and a tree is planted by two participants. An excellent way to guarantee the future of the Irish forest whose destruction through the ages has risen to 99% of its original cover!
Return to the hotel by bus and dinner in a restaurant in the centre of Dublin.

DAY 3: Exercise and songs

Time to exercise! Holding a public transport ticket, our participants go via the Dublin tram to the Phoenix Park at the entrance of which they pick up their 2-wheeled mount. Armed with a map and all the necessary directions, they complete a journey on the protected roads of this former royal hunting estate, before meeting up in a local pub for a session of Irish coffee making, enjoyed while playing an old traditional game of rings.
A hearty meal is served to all, and a dancer makes a surprise appearance during lunch, before a large, high-capacity double-deck bus picks up the group who leaves to work on their vocal cords in a famous recording studio on a prechosen tune. Once the production is complete and the recording is finished, return to the hotel before a closing party in a Dublin restaurant .

DAY 4: Departure

Meet the locals

Summary of the brief:
A group of executives from the pharmaceutical industry visiting a factory in southern Ireland. The journey will stretch from Wexford to the Cork region. The emphasis is on simplicity as the group has travelled extensively and enjoyed many luxurious experiences on their journey.

DAY 1: Arrival in the Waterford area by private plane

The group is welcomed by a guide and goes to a mansion where they take up residence. The afternoon is purely professional with visits to the drug manufacturing lines of this global pharma giant. Back at the manor, whiskey tasting with presentation of new Irish houses before a quality dinner.

DAY 2: From farm to fork

Depart for the Cork region and stop at a luxury and family-run Cork country hotel restaurant producing its own dishes, a true epicentre of 'farm to fork' gastronomy, set on 300 acres of land. Its range of sauces, condiments and its organic production make it a national benchmark. The site visit ends with a with multiple choice meal, and the meeting with the owners of the premises who expose their ethos. Depart for the next accommodation venue, a splendid classic 18th century mansion adjacent to the ruins of an 800-year-old castle, the resort is nestled in 200 acres of mature landscape, with meandering streams and mature parkland. Relaxation at the SPA and private dinner.

DAY 3: My life with the locals

Morning meeting session in one of the historic rooms of the hotel, before leaving for Cobh, the last port of call of the Titanic before its demise. At the origin of the project, one of the wishes of the board was to spend a day among the natives and to taste local products. This will be accomplished through local connections helping INSPIRE unearth a hidden gem high above Cobh Harbour. It is indeed by a discreet path that our guests have access to a long-awaited lunch, organized on the grounds of a family home, where a marquee, a BBQ, a few plaids and bales of hay simply scattered on the grass have been organized for the comfort of the participants. The views from the house are breathtaking and sunscreen is required to avoid sunburns.
After their meal, the group walks to an astroturf soccer pitch where a football game has been organised. The day is far from over as a team of Gaelic games players wait on the nearby pitch of the local GAA club, inviting all guests to practice before a very improvised yet highly energetic game of hurling.. Exhausted nonetheless with level of satisfaction at the highest, the group returns to the hotel for an evening around a dinner with a few drinks and entertainment in a local pub, owned by a famous Irish comedian, and semi-privatized for the occasion.

DAY 4: Departure

Impactful Conference

Summary of the brief:
This large furniture manufacturer has confirmed a Dublin getaway that must be remembered by all delegates. How do you strike the minds and create long lasting memories for the participants? With a 36-hour whirlwind trip offering a rich content.


Our 340 delegates arrive from France on scheduled and chartered planes. While the luggage is delivered to a conference hotel in the Dublin area, participants are immediately immersed with a typical lunch and music in several pubs scattered in and around Temple Bar, while a fleet of double-deck buses from the regular Dublin Bus lines is positioned a few hundred meters away. Each vehicle has a route and stops for multiple predetermined visits during the afternoon. Participants have made a choice in advance and are directed to the appropriate vehicle under the local police supervision for road safety purpose. At the end of the afternoon drop off at the hotel for the participants and preparation for an evening in a vast hemispherical room with a 500 seats capacity, in front of which a group of percussionists welcomes each wave of guests. The room is adorned with its most beautiful lighting, and the stage is made up of real plants and small trees mimciking a small Irish forest. A concert specially organized for the occasion entertains the guests, before they head to a nearby ight bar for the end of the evening.


Back to work! Arrival of the group into a religious building booked for the day, with first access through a small back door into the crypt for a comforting coffee, before accessing the nave in which a large stage has been built, carefully positioned with cameras and several screens. The seats of the worshippers provide a theatre-like setting for a seminar unlike any other. The local choir performs a few adapted pieces before a well-known TV presenter leads the debates. The seminar concludes and the group leaves for a former tobacco and alcohol warehouse, near the banks of the Liffey where a private lunch has been organized for the occasion. Departure for the airport.