Richard Servranckx

Passionate director, Inspire DMC

Tell us what motivates you every day on your way to the agency
Representing and promoting a country that has fascinated and welcomed me for the past seven years are the two main reasons for my daily motivation. It is a destination with much to offer, one that corresponds to my personal values culturally, contemplatively and humanly. These three notions allow us every day to come up with creations for both our MICE clients and our FIT partners.
It is also the desire to create a story or a project all together, as we have been doing since the first public events and festivals.
The challenge is also an important part of my passion for this job and this country: trying to go further and further in the projects, with new ideas, new experiences and new local partners. Finally, being in daily contact with our agency partners offers me an additional human aspect, essential in our sector, in order to identify needs and build strong and long-lasting links.

What is your area of expertise about Scotland?
My expertise comes of course from a wide knowledge of the country, but also from the diversity of the projects carried out, particularly with events for the general public, such as beer tastings, gastronomic festivals, triathlons, etc. These experiences allow us to forge links with many local partners every year.
My specialities in Scotland are nature, sport, fishing and authentic encounters, all of which reflect what touches me personally. Scotland may be a small country, but it is full of unique, authentic places. After more than seven years here, I have had the opportunity to visit most parts of the country, and some of them stand out more than others, particularly for MICE projects.
But Scotland is above all a destination that has to be experienced as a whole: the landscapes, the culture and heritage, the values, the way of life. And above all, the Scots themselves, and this all-pervasive notion of community and exchange.

How do you live out your passion for Scotland on a daily basis?
What I really like is nature. Going for walks, running, cycling, swimming in lochs. Wherever you are located, within 30 minutes you can transfer yourself to the middle of some extraordinary landscapes.
I very quickly adopted Scotland as my home, mainly because of the people and their values. The Scots encourage launching out, they encourage you to dare, their attitude is that there is no such thing as a bad idea – I have gained a lot from all of that, it has taught me so much. The Scots are very quick to embrace new ideas, new projects, and creativity. They are also the ones who allow us to continually create new things!
Whatever projects I have embarked on, I have always been supported by everyone in Scotland. They have a more entrepreneurial mentality, where people are encouraged to bring their projects to life.

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